Health Services (Clinic)

The Board recognizes the responsibility of the schools to help protect the health of students. Health services are an integral part of comprehensive school improvement, assisting all students to increase learning, achievement and performance. 

Health services coordinate and support existing programs to assist each student in achievement of an optimal state of physical, mental and social well-being. Student health services ensure continuity and create linkages between school, home and community service providers. 

The District’s comprehensive school improvement plan, needs and resources determine the linkages. The principal is responsible for the administration of the health program in his/her school.  

Of necessity, school health services must be limited to the prevention and detection of health problems, referral of problems through parents to the family physicians or community health agencies and emergency care. 

Each school shall have on file for each student an emergency medical authorization form providing information from the parent(s) on how they wish the school to proceed in the event of a health emergency involving the student and authorization for the school in case emergency action must be taken. 

Annually, the District will notify parents of physical exams or screenings conducted on students except for vision, hearing or scoliosis.