Visitors and Guests

Briar welcomes parents and community members to our facility. We ask that you park in the North West lot , unless you are coming to pick up your child. Buses arrive at the building beginning at 7:30- 8:05 am and again at 2:30-2:50 pm Please avoid parking in the front circle during drop off and pick up times for any reason. All guests will need to ring the doorbell and be allowed entrance to our building.

Upon entering, our courteous office staff will greet you and ask you to sign in with your name, time of entry, purpose of visit, and the student you are here for (if applicable). All visitors, including substitute teachers, will receive a sticker badge to wear at all times to help us identify adults in our building.

When your visit comes to an end, we ask that you once again return to the registration book and sign out.